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My love for gastronomy and service developed during my time in a renowned restaurant in Rosenheim. In part, I owe my Italian language skills to my colleagues at that time, who were all genuine Italians. Learning Italian and gastronomy and at the same time acquiring an eye for the quintessential details that make the difference, was an important and first step in my future direction, a direction yet to become clear to me. After 15 years in high-end gastronomy in various positions, working 20 years alongside this, each year as a waiter at the Oktoberfest, I was chaffing at the bit to follow a passion, which had grown and become clear to me and I made the leap into self-employment. Almost exactly 10 years ago to the day (in 2010) I founded my agency to offer customers a first-class service in the travel and event sector – to offer a quality of service, which I had found lacking in all my travels.
I have always asked myself: What makes a perfect trip?

The answer was very clear: service, immaculate operations that smoothly cog into one another, authenticity, storyline and quality travel that feels effortless. Be it a trip or an event, I wanted to build a team genuinely interested in creating real connections, with and for our clients. I want our service to facilitate our clients being able to open heartedly connect with the beauty, the places, the people we visit, experiences, things they do, see, eat, drink, taste, smell, hear… with the world and life… and with themselves and each other. I want people to go home with lasting memories, memories that will return again and again, each time bringing a smile to their faces.

These values are still anchored in our company and our philosophy today. They are the red-thread by which we abide and to which I, and my company, personally stand. Starting LUKEVENT and setting up my own company was a decisive point in my life. I am deeply grateful to my family for their support and encouragement in setting it up and ongoing-ly to them and all my colleagues who share my passion and contribute to making my dreams and those of our clients a reality. Without them this would not have been possible.

Thanks to my passion for Italy and an extensive network that I have built up over the years in the Alpine region, I have provided a service for diverse English speaking travel groups throughout Italy bringing them closer to the beauty of this country. Today, we complement this with high-class events and individual travel throughout Germany, Italy and Switzerland. These have become our mainstay. My team and I draw on extensive experience in the travel industry to create and implement tailor-made experiences in the alpine region and beyond for customers with high expectations.

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Our Team

In the last 10 years, a small individual enterprise has developed into a renowned agency for travel and events. My on-site teams in Munich, Milan and since 2019 also in Zurich, consist of dedicated, multilingual project managers, service experts and local tour guides. We have grown into one big family through many years of cooperation.

We value transparency so that one hand always knows what the other is doing. Planning and organisation are essential, because for us chaos and half-knowledge are unacceptable. We strive to always have an eye for the big picture as well as for the smallest details, so that we can meet and exceed your expectations.

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