Our Mission


The reason we are in tourism is because we have seen how it can be done wrong: Buses carting guests to an attraction and only leaving their rubbish behind without benefiting the local community, and guests leaving without having had a real glimpse of the beauty that can be conveyed by someone who loves their hometown, and enjoys telling a story. Even before I was in the travel business, as a young person I made sure to think and live sustainably. I have been celebrating Italian coffee culture since my training in gastronomy. An Italian coffee (espresso) is drunk standing up in the bar combined with a nice conversation of all the guests present. For me personally, the most nonsensical invention of the last decades is the „coffee to go“ in a non-recyclable cup with my name on it. A coffee bean doesn’t have to be packed three times in capsules, and the espresso tastes best from an original espresso cup. Each destination we offer is shown to our guests by locals – guides, hostesses, drivers etc. At present the coaches and minivans we use are Euro 6+ standard, meaning they have the lowest carbon emissions. In the future, our goal is to be 100% carbon-free one day. We are committed to not using plastic in any form i.e. plastic bottles, plates, cutlery etc.

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Trees and mountains surrounded by lake lac lioson in switzerland
Children playing with stones
Sun shining behind mountains with snow

It’s a two-way road, you help the community, and our guests leave with memories passed on to them by people who have an intense knowledge and love of their home.

Our Vision